Create A Bar At The End Of Your Garden And Wow Your Friends

Create A Bar At The End Of Your Garden And Wow Your Friends

Need extra living space

but don’t want to move? Building a room in the garden is a clever and cost-effective solution

Creating a separate room in the garden gives you a great getaway for work, hobbies, or just some piece and quiet.

‘A garden room adds appeal to a house, making it attractive to all types of buyer, and a real draw for families,’

What are my choices?

The simplest cabin or summer house is similar to a shed, with either shiplap walls and cedar roof shingles or a log-cabin construction. These are usually supplied in pre-fabricated panels. More advanced ones, with sliding glass doors or a deck, for example, will need to be built on site by a specialist. Once the concrete base or piles are in, installation can take from one day to two weeks.

As for securing your garden room, it’s best to fit locks on doors and choose toughened glass. Check that the locks comply with your home insurance requirements. It’s worth considering external lights, a burglar alarm and Venetian blinds to prevent anyone seeing in.

Can I use it all year round?

If you insulate well and fit double-glazed windows, you’ll be fine for the colder months. An electrician can run a cable from your house to the room to power lights and heating. In some cases, downlighters, sockets and wiring may be pre-installed in the panel walls.

Plan your room to ensure it’s fit for purpose

Home office Big Dave Man Cave will create your office at the end of your garden as a seperate building or as an extension to your home

Gym Equipment can be bulky, so you’ll need a large room. It’s also an investment, so ensure your security is up to scratch.

Games room You’ll need plenty of space to play table games – L247cm x W153cm for a table tennis table, for example.

What permission do I need and how much will it cost?

If your building is away from the house, takes up less than 50% of the garden and is smaller than 15sq m, or in some cases 30sq m, you’re unlikely to need planning permission or Building Regulations Approval. However, there are exceptions – such as if you intend to use the room for sleeping

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